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South Australian Law On Slingshots

In today’s post, I want to share my understanding of the law in South Australia surrounding slingshot use and ownership. My feelings are its a little bit of a gray area and I want to share my research findings with you.

I spoke with a legal aid lawyer and asked them about possession of a slingshot and if they could clarify the law for me. but sadly that lead me to know where.

SAPOL’s website only says “Brace catapults/slingshot” are prohibited Refer to SAPOL’s website on Prohibited weapons

Nowhere in the south Australian firearms legislation does it mention anything about slingshots –

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  • Link2: <

So what does this all mean, well after combing the internet, SAPOLS Official Website and tons of irrelivant legislation trying to make sense of it all here’s what I’ve come up with.

Honestly, it seems to me and how I read this is, that you’re not allowed to own or buy any slingshot that has a brace or attachment points to mount a wrist brace.

Should tell the cop I saw at the local bait and tackle shop the other day they are selling slingshots disguised as bait casters what A bust that would be for him.

they list the tool twice, brace catapult/slingshot they use the word slingshot to explain that a catapult is the same thing so one would pressume that they are in fact refering to a braced slingshot as well.

Feels like this law is gray and can be interpreted differently by different cops if you were pulled over and found to be in possession of a slingshot.

My advice would be to ask your local police station if your allowed to have a slingshot. just to be on the safe side.

Sadly I really couldn’t be more helpful on this, a lot of sites say this and that and none of them are lawyers and the actual government website specifies specially a brace catapult/slingshot implying so long as you have a slingshot that doesn’t have that your ok because there is no other mention of slingshots in any law I’ve seen.

For this to be totally clarified, we will need a lawyer that specializes in south Australian firearms law, that is something I am not. however, I do know my rights.

if anyone has the credentials can you please answer the question in the forum or the comments below.

Thanks as always keep shooting.