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Slingshot Bands & Pouches What You Need To Know

As I sit at home isolated with the wife a new born baby, I think to myself about bands and pouches and I wanted to share some awesome content that has helped me understand everything I can about them.

now I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and make a bunch of how-to videos while that would be great and Id love too if people want that, today I’m just going to link to videos and articles I’ve read or watched that have paved the way for me in the world of slingshots and more importantly have helped me better understand bands and pouches.

Choosing the Right Bands

choosing the right bands is a much discussed topic on many videos and forums but in truth it will always come to personal preference and what your hunting or shooting at.

There are a few different types of bands tubes, flat bands, daisy chain designs and others. in most cases Flat Bands are the preferred these days for hunting slingshots due to a perceived higher accuracy.

In most cases for me I just hunt pigeon so I have no need for .75 bands so I use .65 natural flat bands.

However, if I was hunting rabbit id probably want .75 or even .8 flat bands, because id need a bit more blunt force trauma damage for the rabbit.

my only use personally for tube bands its for the use in PFS and frameless slingshots. however below I’m going to link a selection of great videos I found useful on my search to understand bands better.

but all in all .65 or .75 – .8, 20 – 18 Tapered cut 20 -20 Stright cut set of bands will be great for hunting and target shooting in mine and a quite few other Professional slingshot shooters opinion.

Slingshot Bands Videos

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Choosing The Right Pouches

Pouches are not of top importance on a slingshot but with so few parts its arguably a point of interest for professional slingshot hunters and marksman. This is why today I’ll touch on & link to different pouch types and methods used to make pouches.

The simplest way to make a pouch is to grab some old leather and cut a small oval out, poke 1 hole in each of the narrowest sections, and 1 small hole in the center for airflow.

Heres a picture

But for a more professional and consistent pouch time and time again you will need to buy a pouch cutting jig/tool or make one.

Pouches come in different materials too. Microfibre, paracord & leather are the most widely used among the slingshot community.

I love leather pouches for my old school rock chucker style slingshot. however, when I’m hunting I like the smooth microfibre pouches they seem to have a super nice release of the pouch from my hands, and anything that makes my ammo fly straighter is best in my opinion.

Here’s a few videos about making pouches types of pouches and some other pouch and slingshot related content.

Slingshot Pouches Videos

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making your own bandsets

Making Your own bandsets is easy and now you know about bands and pouches your pretty well equipped to make your own bandsets.

You’re going to need some materials we offer great products & services with free shipping in our store view some related products below. and build your perfect set of bands now.

I suggest watching a few videos about making bandsets, don’t worry I’ve added some below. there are a few different ways to tie bands and a number of attachment methods for attaching the bands to the slingshot frame.

Keep in mind OTT and TTF that’s “Over The Top” and “Through The Frame”. Also it wouldn’t hurt if you learn the Constrictor knot and The wrap and Tuck Method.

With all your tools & materials in hand and a few videos under your belt you’ll be a pro band maker in no time.

Watch these Videos below for much more info on the art of bandset making. The tools you will need and the materials to buy.

Band set Making Video Tutorials

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So with all this information on bands and Pouches you got to be feeling pretty confident in your understanding how they work, how to take care of them, how to build bandsets, and How to attach them to your slingshots and pouches.

Hope this all helped you with your slingshot. Keep on shooting.