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Predator Slingshots Site Update

Hello again and thanks for stopping by. Today I’m just going to explain a few of the new features we have added to the website so far since we launched the site a few weeks ago.

I should first add we will be adding content to this blog, great how-tos and demonstration videos. You should expect more than site update posts like the one your reading.

However, the new features we have added are pretty cool and we wanted to announce them so you can take full advantage of everything we have to offer. With that out of the way, let’s get into it, shall we?

Preditor Slingshots New Features List

  • Design
  • Forums
  • Videos

Preditor Slingshots New Features Explained

Design is key to any website and while this may not interest you. We have tried to make preditor slingshots as easy to navigate as we can. placing the best & most recent slingshot content right in front of you.

Forums make a community-based website. Our website is 100% community based and focused. We want to share what we know and what others know about slingshots with everyone. Forums are a great way to communicate, sell, trade and make friendships with like-minded people from around the world. So we are proud to offer a great free forum just for people that love slingshots and catapults.

Videos Are a key tool used to teach now days, while I’m a fan of writing what I have to say videos manage to get the message across a lot easier. So we added a video page to the site. We constantly add helpful slingshot videos from around the web. We also have now added the ability to add your own video to preditor slingshots. without a huge sales pitch because I think it’s obvious. adding helpful videos helps people that shoot slingshots but also adding slingshot videos to a slingshot website ensures your getting targeted views to your videos. Go check out the videos page and see what i mean.

VIDEOS UPDATE: Videos page was removed due to our forum now having all the features necessary to upload and share videos. So if you want to share and watch videos use our community forums.


So preditor slingshots finally has features you can use and enjoy, while right now it’s basic everyone has to start somewhere.

We will be doing some forum competitions in the next few weeks for top poster, best photos, best catapult design and the like. so get in there now and start sharing.

Likewise, take advantage of the videos page. It doesn’t seem like much now but give it time.

Thanks again for following us & visiting the website We are working hard in the background right now creating content and preparing awesome prize giveaways for future comp winners.

In the meantime watch, this great video by the moochers guide

See you all soon.


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