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On the Mooch With GameKeeper John

GameKeeper John The Legend, The Man, The Youtuber & The Shanghai Master.

This is Episode one of the Catapult show hosted by “GameKeeper” John. It’s a great show giving you awesome tips and tricks as well as some of the best slingshot product reviews.

GameKeeper John is one of the best Uk Slingshot Shooters and has been for years. Most people would say if John says it works it more than likely does.

A lot to be learned from johns Youtube channel I linked his channel in our first post found here: Welcome to Preditor Slingshots

Why not watch this video and see what I’m talking about. If you’re like me an more interested in hunting and all the dirty parts of it like kill shots gutting and cleaning your kills then john also has a youtube channel just for the slingshot hunting side of things I highly recommend viewing as well.

What’s In Episode one?

In this episode, you can expect to watch a top catch box product review that includes an awesome portable catch box for under a 10er delivered to your door. John keeps giving slingshot nuggets with tips on how to create awesome slingshot templates the easy way.

Gamekeeper John talks and demonstrates how good the GZK black .72 bands are.

John also lists some of the up and coming slingshot events in Uk at the time of filming, sadly as of the time of writing these posts these events are long over. However, Subscribe to john’s youtube channel for more UK event information

In this episode, John talks pouches and discusses Leather Versus Microfibre Pouches and whats better. John has even conducted polls on this topic and the results will amaze you, click play on the video to see the results.

John explains ammo sizes and what is preferred in competition and what he thinks about it in a practical way.

This episode is jampacked and has much more you will love if your interested in slingshots.


This youtube channel is possibly one of the best youtube channels about slingshot shooting and hunting with a catapult and is one of the oldest channels with the most authority on the subject.