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Learn How to Correctly Care & Maintenance Your Slingshot

slingshot care and maintenance

Well due to the Covid-19 pandemic we all have more than likely found ourselves at home a little more than normal and with this extra time, you run out of things to do eventually. I thought id clean and maintenance my slingshots with some of my free time.

In this post, I’ll explain the proper care & maintenance routine I use for my slingshots. fingers crossed it’s in a nice easy way to read and understand. 🙂

Maintenance Of Your Slings [Wood, Metal, & Some Other Viriants]

General care for a slingshot is pretty straight forward. look after it, don’t let it bash around too much in bags and cupboards. give it a wax for wood or polish with oil for metal.

I personally use bees wax and linseed oil.

I apply it with a cloth all over the slingshot and gently rub it into the wood or metal wiping off the excess with a final polish after it’s had some time to soak in. with some slingshots that are thirsty, I may repeat this 2 or 3 times. until I reach the desired effect

I will advise that you should be careful when using any chemicals on Custom slingshots some of these beautiful catapults can be made from exotic materials so stuff like wax, oil, and varnish is all I would consider using.

If Your lucky a slingshot can last years with the proper care. No one can help or count frame hit breakage 😉

A few pro tips to take note of

if you don’t plan to use your slingshot/catapult for some time you will be advised to remove the bands and store them in a light-proof elastic case or bag.

you should always make sure your bands are in good condition I find 9 out of 10 times its the bands breaking that is the real issue to have concerns about when shooting a catapult.

Bands tend to break around the same spot every time. its almost always near the pouch or the fork tips

If your slingshot is using clips to fasten the elastic to the frame you would be wise to see if it’s tight and all in proper working order.


Caring for a slingshot is very easy and the correct maintenance for these wonderful hunting tools is equally as simple.

Use oils, waxes, and clear varnishes to spruce up your slings. remove bands from slings your no longer using or don’t plan to use for some time.

If you look after your slingshot and avoid those nasty drops bumps and frame hits your slingshot will last for years.

Happy Shooting! Pred Slings

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