About Predator Slingshots

Welcome to the website thanks for stopping by. I created this site to share everything that has helped me become a better slingshot/catapult shooter. Here you will find all the best slingshot videos manually curated from youtube so you don’t have to view the rubbish. We have added a live community chat so you can chat, share videos, & pics in real-time with other slingshot/catapult enthusiasts.

Predator slingshots is also a small slingshot maker we build custom slings and naturals.

My main job is running websites I own quite a number of them, and a majority of them are advertising websites, see below just how many visitors have visited this site. my main intent for this website was to drive awareness of catapults/slingshots globally. we first created the global slingshot club on Facebook but decided that a standalone website was the best option so we could bring what people needed to be inspired by the sport to reality in a digital form.

For the time being while the coders do their thing, we are a manually curated slingshot video website. bringing you the best of the best in the slingshot world such as catapult carnage, gamekeeper john, the moochers guide, matt redding, cattyshack, field sports Britain, and many more.