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About Predator Slingshots

hare rabbit

It’s all started in 2019 when we decided to open the website up to the world. I always had a love for slingshots as a child but due to stigma moved away and on to other things. It was only in my adult life while hunting I got to talking with one of the lads and I got back into slingshots.

It’s not that popular in Australia but I’m doing my best to bring it back into fashion and make people aware of the laws surrounding it.

We started with a FaceBook group that people really like but for us, Facebook didn’t have enough features or possibilities to really make it our own and look professional. Besides that, we have some knowledge of running websites in the past so 1 + 1 = 2.

So we created – Initially, we just wanted a forum to connect with people. but we found a blog was a good way for people to find us. When they found us they asked us about products so we have done our best to cater to that.

overtime Predator slingshots has evolved and I’m sure it will continually do so. 1 Thing will never change and that’s our passion for slingshots and for sharing the slingshot communities content, their passion inspires others and introduces them to the awesome sport of slingshot shooting.

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